In the Life of Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers

Join Shawn as he brings up things that are hot in your world! Sometimes the talk will be nonsensical, or highly topical issues and much more. If you listen to the MY Morning Show & want more of what he talks about, you’ll love this podcast!

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In this episode, I take some time and talk about people who are gift “givers” and gift “takers” and then there are people are “parasites” who take take take..then…well, you gotta take a listen to what I have to say about all this & even some other things about gifters…Tis the season!
In this episode, I shed some light on how to truly give thanks…as we take time this holiday season to reflect…I might even open your eyes to a new way of thinking. who knows!
In this episode, Shawn talks about a touchy subject that affects most everyone (in some fashion): Weight! His struggles with it over the years & even now how his struggles have taken him down a dark path & what he needs to do to get back on a healthier path…but it will take your help...
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