In the Life of Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers

Join Shawn as he brings up things that are hot in your world! Sometimes the talk will be nonsensical, or highly topical issues and much more. If you listen to the MY Morning Show & want more of what he talks about, you’ll love this podcast!

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In this episode, Shawn received a letter from a parent of a student at a Dewitt, MI elementary school – who is putting out there they are wanting to teach students the proper use of pronouns (not the kind you learn in Language/English Arts). Whatever side of the fence you fall on, give this a...
In this episode, Shawn brings up the subject matter of what happened to Dominic Thrasher at Beal City’s St. Joseph the Worker recently & how the church responded to it. I give my personal opinion on it PLUS, we discuss our support for Dominic’s upcoming Benefit at Morey Courts on May 4th for his ALS...
In this episode, more hidden truths about me from my younger days, comes out to the public! Most of this stuff I’ve kept secret until now. So why tell the truth now? I need a soul cleanse. LOL For real, I feel it’s about time you know the true Shawn. Give it a listen.
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