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Shawn Powers

Join Shawn as he brings up things that are hot in your world! Sometimes the talk will be nonsensical, or highly topical issues and much more. If you listen to the MY Morning Show & want more of what he talks about, you’ll love this podcast!

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In this episode, we’ll ask this question about voting…Does it really matter who you vote for? Why does it feel like no matter who you vote for, at times, it appears like nothing ever gets accomplished? We’ll explore this & more during this short 12 minute podcast! Give it a listen, you just may like...
In this episode, Shawn talks about being a believer in God & as a believer, should believers be Celebrating Halloween? Recently had a dicussion with a Pastor who said people who believe in Jesus who celebrate halloween are going to hell. Do you subscribe to this or not? Shawn discusses this & his own belief...
In this episode you get to learn about a new guy…Who is JIM SNYDER? Where did he come from? What’s this guy all about? Why is he on this podcast? How did he finagle (lol) his way into this show? Seriously-give it a listen if ya want. He’s a fellow radio guy.
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