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Don’t Tell My Mom with Lizz!

Dive in and let’s get personal. Lizz will share the uncomfortable conversations and experiences she couldn’t have with her mom (maybe your mom too). From moving to the most influential city at 18, escaping toxic relationships, joining the military, and so much more. It’ll get chaotic, maybe even messy. Be ready for some dark humor, but always relatable.

Instagram: @LizzGalea

Don’t Tell My Mom would like to welcome Kristen Peters! It’s really nice having a friend who can (semi) relate what you’re going through. Breakups can suck for everyone involved. We’re diving into red flags we saw and should have avoided, compatibility, and which Zodiac sign is the worst. Instagram: @donttellmymompod & @jackoneillcirca1999 Email:
Whether you’re active duty, a veteran, or have even thought about joining the military… this episode is for you. Join me as I talk about my experience – the good, bad, and really $h%tty parts of it all. Message me to chat more! Instagram: @donttellmymompod Email:
Don’t Tell My Mom would like to welcome Amanda Britton! Do opposites attract? In this case, yes. Amanda and I have different… maternal instincts and both are important. Whether your over-committed (like Amanda) or a little hesitant (like me), you’ll get a good laugh. Instagram: @donttellmymompod & @m_m_britton Email: Photographer: Kylie Breann Vos –...

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