In the Life of Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers

Join Shawn as he brings up things that are hot in your world! Sometimes the talk will be nonsensical, or highly topical issues and much more. If you listen to the MY Morning Show & want more of what he talks about, you’ll love this podcast!

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In this episode, Shawn talks about a former boss of his from “hell!” We’ve all had at least one boss who we thought was spawned from the depths of the pitts…Shawn tells of what this person did to him and other employees during his time there, and what he learned & how he escaped the...
In this episode, it’s 2023 & time for all of us to just STOP! Stop allowing others to control us into being quiet about who we really are…making us cower in the corner & making us feel like we can’t have a say in what we wanna say. Time for us to speak up on...
In this episode, We go back & talk about old radio station contests and bring up past experiences and share some fun things we did in radio before they got “banned” from the FCC & what not. Most radio stations don’t do fun & compelling contests anymore – so let’s relive some of these &...
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