In the Life of Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers

Join Shawn as he brings up things that are hot in your world! Sometimes the talk will be nonsensical, or highly topical issues and much more. If you listen to the MY Morning Show & want more of what he talks about, you’ll love this podcast!

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In this episode, Shawn comes clean (whether anyone knows it or not) about a ton of things he did as a child/teen that were pretty much secrets, until now! Every once in a while a True Confession to cleanse the soul is a good way to heal. Open for comments or opinions.
In this episode, Shawn calls out an organization he used to be part of, that booted him out because someone within the organization falsely accused him of things (nothing really bad but it wasn’t true). When Shawn tried to reach out to the President to talk with them, they NEVER returned any of his phone...
In this episode, Shawn brings up the 2 topics that most people avoid. Why do we have to avoid talking about these subjects with family, friends, coworkers? Do we live in a society where everyone gets bent out of shape if people don’t agree with them? Why can’t we have good discussions on either topics...
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