My 1043 – The Soundtrack of Our Lives

My-1043’s “Soundtrack of Our Lives” podcast features radio personalities Chris Spachman, Shawn Powers, Bob Peters & other special guests discussing music, timely topics & so much more.

Chris and Shawn talk about Shawn’s love for Queen. What we thought of the Isabella County Fair along with a deep dive into our thoughts on this year’s Hometown Showdown. They also talk about the great new things coming up with local high school football tailgating and a bunch of other random things!
Bob Peters & Shawn Powers took Chris out to lunch for his birthday (Happy 37th Chris) to the Bird Bar & Grill in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. We talked about birthdays of the past, food talk with Alison at the Bird, we chat about Music (Beatles, CCR specifically) and some other fun stuff. Take a listen.

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