Spach’s Sports Show

Chris Spachman

Join Chris Spachman and guests as he breaks down just about everything in Mid Michigan sports! We will discuss our local high school teams, Mid Michigan Lakers, and the Chips. Chris will also give his take on other key sports topics within the great state of Michigan and beyond.

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Bre Locke, Eva Lynch, Griffin Bohannon chat with us about Beal City Volleyball and Cross Country and in the second half of the show we talk Aggie football with Coach Gross, Peyton Butkovich , and Luke Lyon!
SPACH’S SPORTS SHOW- CMU Football week 4 to 5 with Coach McElwain, Jason Williams, and Deiyantei Powell-Woods
SPACH’S SPORTS SHOW- SHA Football Week 4 to 5 with Brendan Ervin, Walker Owen, and Coach Wheaton

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